We Shed A Tear For YoureTheManNowDog.com

You're the Man Now Dog, an OG in the meme segment, has stopped running. The staff at YTMND.com let fans to upload a pic or a gif and mix it with sound to achieve funny results. Traffic to the website, however, reduced some time ago with the ascendance of other social media channels.

Originally in 2016, the site's owner Max Goldberg announced YTMND would likely shut soon due to a lack of revenue and his poor health. "It seems like the internet has moved on," Max announced to Gizmodo.

It began in 2001 when Goldberg initially combined a clip of no other than Sean Connery reciting the words, "You're the man now, dog!", teamed with a gif and also accompanying text and then put it on a web site, www.yourethemannowdog.com.


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